Why Alfred Fach Excavating?

Founded in 1973, originally Alf’s Grading and Backfilling, the company evolved over the last four decades into a modernized construction company.

In the early days Alfred Fach grew the company from small contracts including commercial and residential, eventually taking on larger and larger projects. With the introduction of larger and more demanding contracts, the company modernized its operations using the newest technology that the industry has to offer including modern estimation techniques as well as GPS robotics for machinery.

Over the past several years although the scope of the company has expanded. As before, the company has a continued focus innovation and timeliness.

Present day the company remains a quality focus organization with a staff of nearly 30 employees, with projects spanning across most of the province of Ontario.

Customer Focused

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  • Clients all over Ontario
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40 years of Design Experience

With over 40 years of experience in the industry, we will provide a solution custom designed to fit the needs of any client.